Transaction Announcement
An investment for the growth of Leox financial services in Sweden

February 1, 2012 - Leox Holding AB (publ) Swedish Nordic Growth Market NGM (LEOX:MTF), has entered into a USD $5,000,000 Equity Line Facility.

Leox Holding AB (publ) is a public listed holding company responsibel to manage and develop its subsidiaries through adequate coordination and financing.

Mr. Stefan Nordstrom, Chief Executive Officer of Leox is pleased to draw down a total of USD $5,000,000 equity capital in tranches. This provides additional flexibility to fund the growth strategy.

Since 2010, the Group has grown through acquisitions, a strategy the Company intends pursueing in order to reach the next level of revenues and achieve higher margins and profits. Each subsidiary is structured to be smoothly settled if necessary, for example due to market conditions and changes in demand. Leox has established collaborations with several leading market representatives in Sweden as well as in Germany and USA and has consciously expanded its business through highly qualified staff. Currently, the Leox Group is considered reputable by investors and holds a well established position on the market.

Currently, the Leox Group cover several business areas, including;

• Corporate Finance services for public as well as private growth companies within the realm of the small and mid cap segments in the Nordic region.

• The largest ad site (a “Craiglist”) for unlisted shares in Sweden.

• Financial information with excellent track records and asset management.

Leox Corporate Finance offers strategical financial advisory to the small and mid cap segments in the Nordic region. The focus is on public as well as private growth companies. The products range is M&A advisory, public and private trans- actions, private placements, IPO, IR, valuation and various services within the field of Corporate Finance.

Börsvinnare Sverige AB offers accurate financial information, reflections on the stockmarket and the opportunity to interact on a chat forum at the site Bö

Leox Inofficiella Aktier does not only operate the largest ad site for unlisted shares in Scandinavia, but also offers a range of products including IR-services, advertising, promotional activities and analytical interviews.

Big Ben Venture

Big Ben is a qualified partner with more than 20 years experience in raising capital.

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Leox Holding AB (publ)
Equity Line Facility
Common stock

Feb 1, 2012

Transaction Overview
  • Leox may, at its sole and exclusive option, periodically sell to the investor shares of its common stock, SEK 0.10 par value per share (the "Common Stock") for a total purchase price of up to five million dollars ($5,000,000)
  • For each share of Common Stock purchased the investor will pay to the Company seventy-five (75%) of the lowest daily volume weighted average price of the Common Stock during the 15 consecutive trading days following delivery by the Company of an advance notice. Such advance will not exceed more than 250% of the average daily trading volume.
  • Proceeds to be used for additional flexibility to fund the growth strategy