Social and financial streamlining
Mistakes to be avoided and lessons to be learned

The world, as we know it, started to rapidly change before are very own eyes. The fear that oil will reach nightmare-scenario prices, the massive foreclosures of homes, the collapse of many- otherwise- reputable banks, and the deep exhale of the stock exchange has caused stomach-aches, even to those who claim they have seen it all. Many though within the financial and industrial sector are equipped with sincerity and wittiness, and are able to acknowledge how the natural law of “what goes up must go down” works. For those, financial roller coasters aren't surprising or unexpected.

Imagine a static and predictable world that remains so for ever. It may for many feel secure, comfortable and safe but the point is, such a world would be lacking all prospects for progress, and turn into a dull place to live for all visionaries and pioneers. There you have it. As our familiar financial and social structures collapse around us, a dynamic group of controversial-thinking businessmen is emerging. Through all that financial chaos, they maintain a bold and creative state of mind, and pave gradually the brave road to inventive business manners.

You may ask yourself how to connect with such an evolved group of men, who always have an ingenious plan B under their sleeves and never look regretfully back. To begin with, do not allow any destructive feelings as fear and pessimism take over your sensibility. Introduce your daily life to mental words as “Analyze, Examine, Investigate, and Study”. Launch a new thinking and dare to move out your rational box. You may be surprised of the rewards. Because the era we are just entering serves those flexible, adaptable, and open minded.

The dazzling opportunities that lie hidden, between the necessary restructures have already been identified by few, and for all those who have eyes to see, there is a new era rising within the IT, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, renewable energy and environmental-friendly industries with new material and resources. Innovative products, ideas and services will emanate from those sectors, they will effectively serve our growing daily needs and they will do very well.

If you regard your invention, product or services as adding significantly to the new arising social reality, but you have been rejected by the funding jungle out there, don't make the mistake to blame it on the ignorance of the investors, or even on the rough times. You may instead consider, investors have neither lost their interest on new projects nor become reluctant to invest. They only have re-examined the ways to evaluate opportunities. The world is shifting, what used to be cool and dashing is now under threat to become dull and tedious and investors recognize the urgency to adapt themselves.

And so must you. You may as well become the new Microsoft, Google or Apple, and be among the first liners that will shape the world's new reality for many years to come. The future demand more receptiveness and inclusiveness. Applying unconventional thinking and original solutions to your working methods will be the short cut to help you align with your potential investors and so, bring you a step closer to your wishful goals.

Elsa Papadopoulou


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