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European Moving Group EMG AB

The European Moving Group (EMG) has developed a groundbreaking technology for relocation services and has now become the market leader in Europe with services within the "Man & Van" logistics sector. This is done with the help of an online platform targeted at the consumer market. An automated service where the customer orders moving and where the software calculates which service provider can best transport and how many moving boxes and cubic capacity there is to be transported.

The customer can order help with packing their household goods if help is required but it costs extra. Similarly, the customer pays extra if they want help with unpacking. The basic service is that EMG's service providers pick up the consignment and transport it with a van to a specific address. The web-based platform is a SaaS "One Platform" (OP) for B2B Man & Van service providers and the company's customers.

European Moving is the first relocation service provider to use intelligent platform technology to process the service. When the platform is fully developed, it will make full use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will be an all-in-one application. The company has no owned trucks or drivers but hires independent service providers who can connect to the system. The platform will put the right van in the right place with the right amount of space for each customers goods(route planning). Likewise, it will decide if it is possible to combine two moves simultaneously in one van and so avoid "empty runs" in either direction, thereby making the process environmentally friendly achieving a positive carbon footprint.

This means that the contracted service providers become more efficient and thus get more profitable runs. European Moving handles all contact with its customers and takes payments in advance from the customer.

European Moving focuses on automating and streamlining the flow of transports. All sales are managed online. The focus is on customer satisfaction, the customer being able to track  his / her transport via the net, and see when their consignment is expected to arrive at the final destination.

A customer center is located in Bulgaria where the customer can reach the company if something should have happened or issues arise. The reason why the company has quickly become the market leader in international moves within Europe is precisely the automation combined with customer focus and fixed prices, which are considerably lower than those of the competitors.

The platform's structure is relatively open so that it can be adapted to different sectors and companies, which can be included in the company's network. The management of the European Moving Group is primarily done by entrepreneurs with good logistic knowledge, who have built up the company by being operational from day one. To date, the company is owned by founder Daniel Blanche, CEO, investors Peter Blanche and Derek Taylor-Vrsalovich.

The company is located in Folkestone, Kent, UK. The founders have put in place a competent management team and group of advisors. The company will now be public and listed on Nasdaq First North (Stockholmsbörsen) in the spring of 2019. An owner spread is made so that the company gets over 1,000 new shareholders.

Focus on the customer

The customer pays a refundable small deposit as a starting fee. If the move is cancelled well in advance, the customer will receive the full amount back. The move  is booked and the customer receives a confirmation (PDF) when the system calculates delivery times and the load range. The market research done by the company indicates the following:
• Customers are frustrated with the lack of information about where their household goods are at any given time.
• Customers cannot easily make adjustments to their removal requirements once the removal has been booked.
• It is also difficult to facilitate the removal of special items.
• The competitors' transaction documents are delivered in PDF format and cannot be changed once the order is made.
• The service provider receives information about what is to be moved in an untimely fashion and cannot effectively plan their routes to achieve efficient optimization.
• The service provider cannot see the complete list of what is to be transported in advance, which in turn often leads to overweight and over capacity issues.
• Nothing can be followed up on-line for either customer or service provider. The payment documentation is often incorrect.

ground floor

Invitation to subscribe for shares

In order to secure EMG's funding for the next phase of the development of the company's software, and to increase the spread of ownership in the Company, the Board of EMG on February 8, 2019 has decided, with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights, to carry out a new issue of shares in EMG in the form of an offer to the public and institutional investors in Sweden, and selected institutional investors in the UK (the "Offer"). The offer comprises shares with a value of SEK 12 million (SEK).


Plans for market listing 2019

European Moving EMG AB (publ) plans for a market listing in 2019 and in connection with this investor offers to acquire shares in the company. During the winter, the company has decided to carry out a reverse acquisition with European Moving Ltd in Malta, which means that this business will become a wholly owned subsidiary of EMG and will also be an operating business.

The capital that is now being taken in is to make an ownership spread to at least 300 investors in order to reach the marketplace's requirements for listing. The funds received will be used exclusively for the development of the projects in Kardara, and to cover the costs incurred in connection with the present distribution issue. It is the intention of the Board of Directors to submit an application during the autumn to take up the shares in EMG for trading on the appropriate MTF list.

The issuer agent is nvr.se (info@nvr.se). As long as the share is unlisted, trading will be possible through electronic ads in cooperation with NVR.

Offering Summary

Issue amount: SEK 4 million
Number of shares issued: 400,000 shares
Pre money valuation: SEK 46 million (Swedish krona)
Price per share: SEK 10,00
Minimum subscrition amount: 1,000 shares / SEK 10,000
Subscription period: 15 March – 30 April 2019
Payment: According to subscription allotment
Trade: The board of directors intend apply to float its stock on a suitable MTF list.
Allotment: In case of oversubscription, the Board decides on further allocation.
Video: Se bolagets presentation: RoadShow.
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The principal owners are keen on the shareholders who invest in the company, and therefore donate extra shares based on how many shares one subscribes according to the table below.

• 120,000 shares (SEK 1,200,000) 5% gives 6,000 shares,
• 240,000 shares (SEK 2,400,000) 7% gives 16,800 shares,
• 480,000 shares (SEK 4,800,000) 10% gives 48,000 shares,
extra from the main owners.


Derek Taylor-Vrsalovich
Derek Taylor-Vrsalovich, Chairman


Why is the system needed?

The industry's system for transporting goods currently makes it difficult for the customer to know where their delivery is in the last few kilometres of its move.  It makes it impossible to serve the customer with information and be able to calculate a fair price, or to calculate the right size of the truck. Roadmap is also not proposed in these systems.

Why is the investment needed?

The company mainly wants to complete the platform in order to be able to market its services on a broad front across Europe. The company concentrates on service centers in three places in Europe: Folkstone in England, Warsaw in Poland and Varna in Bulgaria. The technology platform is being developed in Bulgaria. The business is growing organically and with the investments already made will be profitable in Q2 2019.

The investments and capital requirements needed in the company are:
• Completely build the platform, MVP, SaaS OP - € 500,000
• € 100,000 for a bidding platform against carriers and expanding the website with a booking app.
• €300,000 for building a mobile app for customer, driver and portal to manager.

Working capital requires € 400,000 annually for new advertising channels that go back in increased sales and profits in one quarter. Furthermore, € 700,000 is needed in working capital to build the organization across Europe, which is a prerequisite for expanding. Costs for listing on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange (First North) are currently estimated at around € 150,000.

Based on market research and the development the company has had since 2015, management and owners forecast that expected revenues will be: 2019 = EUR 8 million, in 2020 = EUR 16 million.

How many moves in Europe?

In an increasingly globalized world and that the older generation is living longer, the interest and the need for foreign migration increases. Around 10-12 percent of the population moves every year. Mainly within the country but the migrants are moving towards big cities with the increased urbanization. More and more people are also choosing to study, work and retire in another European country.

In Sweden there are statistics indicating people move about 11 times during their lifetime. And this is increasing year on year.  The move is most likely to take place between summer and autumn. About every third move is to another municipality, with every sixth to another county, i.e. farther away but still within the country. There is no reason to believe that the picture is different in other European countries.

Movements are sometimes linked with studies or change of work, but relocations are also made for family reasons. Examples of such relocations are family forms, housing changes in the case of a growing family and separations. Additionally, more and more pensioners choose to move to sunnier climes!

Regarding Swedes in the world's latest survey, Seven percent of the Swedish population live abroad. That means 50,000 Swedes move abroad every year. One in ten Swedes lives abroad, and it can be assumed that this will apply to the rest of Europe.  Women who move live longer than men who move.

Individuals who reside in their hometown or suburban municipality during their lifetime has clearly higher mortality, according to a new report from Statistics Sweden (SCB.se). Women who move out of Sweden live 24 percent longer, while men live 27 per cent longer.

One explanation for the death rate decreasing during long migration is that those who have moved longer distances on average are clearly better educated than those who move within their immediate area or stay where they are born.

Reasons to invest

Quote Every year, about 8-10 percent of the population moves within the European countries. The flow of flows is increasing more and more between countries regardless of high and recession. The industry is stable and growing every year..

Quote The company has been profitable from the outset and does not need large investments except the platform that is now being built. Variable cost is the marketing that gives the majority more in organic growth the more you advertise the services.

Quote Grows organically and is already the market leader, which means that the company does not have to make heavy investments after the platform is ready. No driver staff to hire and no trucks to buy. 

Quote The business is associated with low risk of driving. One can follow the financial outcome and thus the costs weekly by week.

Quote The company and its management have as stated strategy with a generous dividend policy. Up to 50 percent of the profits shall be distributed to the shareholders each year.

Quote The valuation is currently low and as the company grows organically with the help of new technology that focuses on the customer in the first place, the valuation is increasing rapidly.

Quote Should be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in early summer, which in itself becomes a quality guarantor in an industry where most is based on customer confidence.

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