Prof. Alf Fischbein, MD, Associate, European Markets. Prof. Fischbein is an international authority in Occupational and Environmental Health with long experience and expertise in areas such as metal toxicology, immunotoxicology, occupational lung diseases, reproductive toxicology, biomarkers of exposures and cancer associated with occupational and environmental exposures.

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lund, Sweden, he subsequently was an Associate Professor and senior faculty member for two decades at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine of the City University of New York in its Division of Environmental and Occupational Medicine. He has been Visiting Professor at Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.

He has pioneered the development and application of innovative diagnostic devices in metal toxicology, particularly lead poisoning. He has been part of a team that developed protocols for clinical trials of pharmaceuticals, including immunomodulators, which have gained US FDA approval. He is currently active in the field of biotechnology and regenerative medicine, and collaborates with an international network of medical scientists in Sweden, USA and Japan, as co-developer of various innovative therapeutic agents, bio-adhesives and diagnostic devices. Other areas of expertise and interest include alternative energy sources, energy conservation and resource recovery as part of projects in clean-tech and green-tech.

Prof. Fischbein is a liaison to international venture capital entities specializing in developing the global potential and value of biotechnology business, as well as to leading experts in long-term strategic business development. He is an International Affiliate of Katan Associates International, Hermosa Beach, California and is in close collaboration with Big Ben Venture, Detroit, Michigan. His international renown is reflected in his serving on expert committees of the International Labour Office in Geneva, Switzerland, the US Environmental Protection Agency and The International Federation of Metalworkers, Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Fischbein is a former Assistant Editor of the American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Publications include over 160 research publications and several book chapters in leading textbooks of Environmental and Occupational Medicine.

Mobile Sweden: +46 766 37 77 20 • Mobile Israel: +972 52 262 7061 • Skype: Skype MeŠ!