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Big Ben is a business and financial advisory boutique dating back to 1992. We are dedicated to advising business owners on fundraising and the sale of their companies. Our team will ensure your business plan package receives more consideration from all potential funding sources. The combined skills of our people is your gateway to a successful company.

Brilliant ideas demand great execution. Our people have world-class professional backgrounds. We can facilitate smooth due diligence proceedings, coordinate contract construction and negotiate optimal terms. We take on only a select number of clients at a given time and devote senior-level attention to every deal.
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Big Ben’s vast network with lenders in the bond markets creates countless opportunities for interested investors. Whether it is for infrastructure financing, corporate bonds, or any other industry, Big Ben can present investors with debentures that fit their specific needs.

Services for Project Financing
• Areas: Infrastructure, Natural Resources, Real Estate and Transportation
• Debt capital raising
• Term debt, project debt, convertible bonds, credit lines

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