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The Bank Partnership Program is a partnership between Big Ben’s brokerage firm and a bank looking to increase its return on equity without incurring any additional risks. The model used by our client accurately identifies how new debt will impact existing debt valuations, and reliably profits from the new issue displacement effect.


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Proven Approach

The bank partnership program has a proven track record of success of more than 15 years, often delivering 5% or higher increase on the return on equity for banks. This track record has been sustained by rigorous analysis and fundamental research alongside utilizing a systematic trading approach that eliminated most random errors. The investment process also follows strict risk management procedures and is fully transparent with the financial partner that leads to a healthy long-term relationship. A trade will never take place without first notifying the bank or financial partner of its expected results. The investment process relies on issue selection, sector rotation, managing duration and yield curve management with the goal of maximizing the capture of available incremental returns.

Historically, our brokerage firm has only incurred 2 quarters of downturn, and generated profits over 90% of time. What’s even more significant, the bank or investment partner will utilize our brokerage firm’s proprietary capital to insure no risk is incurred on their part.

The benefits include:
• Utilize brokerage firm’s proprietary capital, so that our partners never take any financial risk
• Delivery of up to, or more than, 5% increase on RoE, or more
• Full transparency of trades
• Avoiding “Du Jour” ideas and sticking to known financial risk modeling
• Partners never use their own money on trades


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